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1Ystads IF HF W12831298:2633519
2IF Hallby HK11803273:2215216
3HF Somby/Skövde11803294:2445016
4HK S-hof11722294:2544016
5Kärra HF11704271:2323914
6Backa HK / Kungälvs HK11605249:242712
7Kävlinge HK11515283:297-1411
8HK Farmen11425241:255-1410
9RP IF Linköping11317232:245-137
10BK Heid UF11308234:298-646
11IK Baltichov12138239:291-525
12Karlskrona Flottan11029202:268-662
1Ystads IF HF W6321146:136108
2IF Hallby HK6501154:1124210
3HF Somby/Skövde4301105:85206
4HK S-hof6312148:14177
5Kärra HF7502180:1592110
6Backa HK / Kungälvs HK6303135:13056
7Kävlinge HK5113121:137-163
8HK Farmen5311113:117-47
9RP IF Linköping6213137:13615
10BK Heid UF6204128:157-294
11IK Baltichov6006120:151-310
12Karlskrona Flottan401374:88-141
1Ystads IF HF W6510152:1272511
2IF Hallby HK5302119:109106
3HF Somby/Skövde7502189:1593010
4HK S-hof5410146:113339
5Kärra HF420291:73184
6Backa HK / Kungälvs HK5302114:11226
7Kävlinge HK6402162:16028
8HK Farmen6114128:138-103
9RP IF Linköping510495:109-142
10BK Heid UF5104106:141-352
11IK Baltichov6132119:140-215
12Karlskrona Flottan7016128:180-521


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